12th June 2012
Sweet Treat Instagram Diary
Location LOCATION: Sydney

So if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have noticed by now I really like to document what I eat, and more specifically sweet treats or fresh fruit and yoghurt.

28th May 2012
Hong Kong Diary
Location LOCATION: Hong Kong

We only scratched the surface of what Hong Kong had to offer and I ran out of time to visit more shopping destinations like Star Street and the Shueng Wan and Noho area.

25th May 2012
Checking-In from Virgin Atlantic
Location LOCATION: Hong Kong

To be honest I never thought I’d get the chance to fly first class and after this flight it’s made me realise how much everyone needs to experience this once in their lifetime.

6th May 2012
Postcards from Hong Kong
Location LOCATION: Hong Kong

Hong Kong why didn’t I discover you sooner?

8th December 2011
Sydney with Louis Vuitton
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Last Friday I had the absolute honor of attending the opening of the Louis Vuitton Masion store on George Street in Sydney.