30th July 2015
Location LOCATION: Paris

Maticevski Dress / Common Projects ‘Origina Achillies’ Sneakers (more styles here) / Ryan Storer Crystal Earring (more styles here)

With how busy life has been and continues to be I forget sometimes that I have a wedding to plan. From my close circle of friends, half are already married (with many also engaged), so I’ve been able to pick up some tips on what to do and been lucky enough to experience their beautiful weddings first hand. My little sister is even getting married in September so it will be a great preview of how my family will react. Still, I catch myself thinking about where on earth do we start and how on earth will I be able to find the time to organise the biggest event of my life. Trust me, when I have more details you will all find out. I’m excited to start thinking about all of these details nonetheless.

For now, it makes the idea of who will I wear on the big day a little bit harder when I am accustomed to having such beautiful pieces like this in my wardrobe. Paris always brings out the Maticevski in me…

Photographer: Luke Shadbolt