28th April 2015
Location LOCATION: Maldives

Thayer Maxi Shirt Dress (available in blue here) / Eugenia Kim Boater Hat / Ray Ban Sunglasses / Sarah and Sebastian Short Meridian / Ancient Greek Sandals

As I’ve grown up I’ve become far more aware of the serious repercussions excessive sun exposure (and sugar) is to your skin, especially after working alongside The Cancer Institute last year where I learnt the scary statistics and cold hard facts about skin cancer and the damage it causes. I couldn’t believe what I once thought were freckles are actually sun spots covering the ridge of my nose and cheekbones – a trait of a true Australian-Asian being raised with a desire to constantly be in the water without applying sunscreen or forgetting to re-apply.

Now I’m all about preaching being sun smart and feel this weird responsibility to educate my friends, family and anyone who will listen. This is why finding the perfect beach cover-up is always at the top of my wish list list for any places I visit during summer. If I can’t find anything breathable with sleeves I’ll just wrap a light weight scarf around my shoulders and hide beneath my collection of rapidly growing Eugenia Kim hats.

To be honest, I’ve bought several cheesecloth or light weight gauze pieces from the small market carts you can find on the side of the road throughout Europe (Sicily, Italy, France) for a mere $30 AUD and they’ve served as a very practical and sentimental souvenir that brings back fond memories every year I revive them for the warmer months. So I was a little hesitant to spend $280 AUD on this dress compared to the $30 AUD I’d spent on pieces in the past, but the long sleeves, optional thigh high split and overall style had me clicking ‘Add to Cart’, so much so that I even bought it in a pinstripe blue (the fabric is different and a little more stiff).

I guess you can’t really put a price on your health. It’s all about being sun smart in style, no matter the cost.

End preach.

Photographer: Luke Shadbolt