9th April 2015
Location LOCATION: Paris

Valentino Dress and Poncho / Tabitha Simmons Flats

Every season it’s a tradition to visit the Valentino showroom to choose a look for their show, and this has to be my favourite look to date. I couldn’t decide if I loved it more because it was so unassuming for Valentino and no one would have thought it was from their collection, or if it was because I’ve always dreamt of finding a quirky two piece that isn’t the typical pant suit silhouette.

Unfortunately due to our shoot for vogue.com being straight after the show I didn’t have a chance to shoot this outfit. Luckily Hana caught me just before I ran inside for the show, so now these photos are the best memories I have of it!

Photographer: Hana Predajnianska and Luke Shadbolt