27th April 2015
Location LOCATION: Maldives

Thayer Maxi Shirt Dress (available in blue here) / Eugenia Kim Boater Hat / Sarah and Sebastian Short Meridian and Ring / Ancient Greek Sandals

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what happens when you have a thousand pictures worth a million words? I have no idea how we’re going to share with you all the pristine and picturesque landscapes of the Maldives through Gary Pepper’s eyes, but this looks like a pretty good place to start.

After spending roughly 136 hours on a plane in the space of just 5.5 weeks (that’s one 24 hour flight per week), the amount of flying back and forth from Sydney to the United States or Europe was starting to catch up with my body. I love moving fast, but unfortunately I live on the polar opposite side of the world to most of the industry so this enviably slows me down, especially when such a large part of my time is spent in the air without wifi and I can feel my body becoming more dehydrated as every hour passes.

It was time for a break, a real break, which lead us to here, the Maldives.

Photographer: Luke Shadbolt