24th March 2015
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Look 1: Chanel Rouge Coco #444 Gabrielle / ASOS Top / Eugenia Kim Hat 
Look 2: Chanel Rouge Coco #420 Vera / Caroline Issa x Nordstrom Collection Jacket / Sarah & Sebastian Ring
Look 3: Chanel Rouge Coco #450 Ina / Vintage Chanel Jacket / Eugenia Kim Hat


A little while ago I set out to create this story as a modern take on an iconic classic – Rouge Coco by Chanel. Often for my editorial work I start with a location as the foundation of my concept and continue to build the remaining story around this; lighting, styling, hair and make-up, tone of voice and mood quickly follow, but for this particular story I wanted to keep it simpler, cooler, more effortless, and experiment with how Luke and I could rely on studio lighting and the art direction instead. After all, it is a beauty shoot, which can often limit the freedom you have with framing the photograph without losing the detail of the make-up, so how could I try to make it more interesting?

Twiggy and Andy Warhol were the main inspiration for this shoot. I wanted it to feel more playful than other work I’ve done in the past, with an art pop influence and a touch of French glamour. To celebrate an iconic lipstick that ’embodies sensuality, joy and radiance’, this story is all about fusing the old with the new, film with digital, black and white with colour, the simple with the unexpected.

Victoria Baron joined the team and understood immediately what beauty look I was trying to achieve. We faced the problem of referencing Twiggy beauty looks seen on caucasian women – there seemed to be none I could find shown on an Asian woman. Luckily, Victoria is one of the best make-up artists in Australia and has a vast background of knowledge and experience with applying make-up to an Asian face.

Richard Kavanagh, another talent at the top of their game and one of the best in our Australian industry, came on board as our hair stylist. We created this messy up-do to keep the look textured but simple, purely to let the beauty look shine for itself.

The new Rouge Coco collection, all named after Mademoiselle Chanel’s circle of friends; her close companions, her friends, her loves, her muses – comes in 29 new shades in 6 colour palettes ranging from bright reds, hot pinks and deep burgundies to soft rosewoods, beiges and oranges. I opted to showcase 16 of these shades that are available in Australia, with a strong focus on some of my personal favourites – #420 Vera (light pink), #444 Gabrielle (bright red), #450 Ina (hot pink) – colours I already wear both day and night.

Merci Beaucoup, Mademoiselle Chanel.

Note: There are two GIF animations in this post, so if they aren’t moving in motion just wait for them to load or refresh your page once or twice.

Photographer / Art Director: Luke Shadbolt
Stylist / Creative and Art Director: Nicole Warne @ IMG
Make-up Artist: Victoria Baron @ MAP
Hair Artist: Richard Kavanagh @ DLM