6th February 2015
Location LOCATION: Oahu

Ephemera One Piece Swimsuit / Eugenia Kim ‘Do Not Distrub Hat’

Here’s another wardrobe staple I revived for the colourful backdrop that is Oahu. You may have seen this one piece pop up on my Instagram last July when we were in Sicily. It’s slightly complicated twists but flattering cut seem to hide all the right places for a girl like me who has quite an hourglass body. I have to love this novelty sized hat that may have shaded me enough to avoid the tan marks that would quickly follow.

I’m trying to move through the Hawaii content as quickly as I can, as the next working month is approaching so quickly and is going to be one of my busiest yet. I’ll be in New York for fashion week, flying back to Sydney for a wedding, Paris for fashion week and then flying back to Sydney again for another wedding.

Even though Luke and I just celebrated our 8 year anniversary and we’ve been dealing with everyone saying we should get married soon (which we’ve been told for years as most of our friends are married, engaged and/or pregnant), I can honestly tell you we’re both just as happy that these weddings aren’t ours. We barely have time to reply to emails let alone plan a wedding!

Kauai is up next and I can’t wait to show you its beauty.

Photographer: Luke Shadbolt