24th November 2014
Location LOCATION: New York

Dion Lee Broken Pleat Top and Tailored Tux Pants / Charlotte Olympia Jasmine Bag / Aquazurra Matilde Heels / Undertow Cuff / DIY Bow Choker (similar here)

Flashing back to the terrace of our beautiful hotel in New York where I spent our early mornings appreciating the view over breakfast and thinking to myself how exciting the day ahead will be. I find telling myself that every morning naturally sets my mood for the rest of the day.

I wore this outfit during fashion week and I still remember thinking ‘something doesn’t feel right, I need to take something off…’, but given how everyone (myself included) seems to turn into the white rabbit who’s constantly bouncing around declaring ‘I’m late, I’m LATE!’ during fashion week there was little time to think twice about it.

Looking back, I still feel this outfit was a little heavy for my usual aesthetic. I don’t usually accessorise so heavily – if at all – and it seems I was thrown by this new gold bracelet I picked up in Hong Kong. I probably should have just stuck to this DIY ribbon bow and left my accessories at that, especially as the incredible pleat detailed top with an open split and matching cigarette trousers by Dion Lee were enough of a statement on their own, but being so indecisive by nature will always have its downfalls.

In other news I have some new work to share with you all this week. As each project seems to be becoming more elaborate I seem to be more limited with how much time I’m investing¬†online, especially on Instagram where I’m struggling to post as frequently every day. Hopefully once this week is over I will have a little more time, but knowing me and how I work I’ll probably already have three other projects lined up that are even more time consuming. It’s probably about time I hired a team…

Photographer: Luke Shadbolt
Location: Omni Hotel, New York