11th October 2014
Location LOCATION: Paris

Isolda Chilli Shirt / J Brand Jeans  / Louis Vuitton Pouch / Slip Personalized Silk Sleep Mask / SKII Facial Treatment Mask / YSL Touche Eclat / YSL Lipstick / Charlotte Olympia Keychain / Jennifer Zeuner Heart Bracelet / LeviKash Feather Rings

When I’m traveling I seem to split my time between hotels or apartments. I’m drawn to each for different reasons; during fashion week hotels are a godsend as designers need to send invitations to a mailing address well before the show and before you’re physically there to sign for them, and outside of fashion week I like to stay in apartments as it makes me feel like I’m living in that particular city and experiencing it like a local. It seems to fill the void of feeling like a foreigner in an unfamiliar city and provides a little routine to a life that has no routine at all.

One routine I seem to take with me wherever I go is my beauty regime, which I discussed last time I was in Asia during a beauty conference for DFS’ First Class Beauty which made me think perhaps I should incorporate more beauty insights into my website.

Often racing from a photoshoot or event straight to the airport proves hilarious at times (arriving at the airport in heels and backless dresses is peculiar to say the least) and has prepared my carry-on bag to be equipped with everything one needs to keep your face prepped and plumped full of moisture for the long haul flight ahead – all being under the near impossible limit of a 30ml allowance when flying from Australia.

As soon as I’m on-board I remove all of my make-up using make-up removing wipes, apply a night serum as it’s absorbed into the skin faster than moisturiser which I apply to my face, neck and lips. I rarely drink alcohol in general and have never had a drink in-flight, there’s something about feeling dehydrated from the inside out that makes me feel restless. As soon as I land I can’t get to my hotel or apartment fast enough to replenish my skin – bottles of water, exfoliating, serums and moister masks seem to save my skin after every flight. If I have to go straight to a meeting, which happens more often than I would like, I apply a little highlighter under my eyes to make my skin look fresh and apply my fail-safe red lipstick to add some much needed colour. If you’re wondering – yes, there are definitely days I don’t wear my winged eyeliner. Perhaps I should shoot more without it.

I’m on my to London for 24 hours and then will be flying home to Sydney from Zurich. I’m hoping to keep my posting more regular even though I’ll be in transit for a good 30 hours this time. Until then, make sure you keep up with me on Instagram – @garypeppergirl 🙂

Photographer: Carin Olsson