2nd September 2014
Location LOCATION: paris

1. Ryan Storer BrokenChoker with Pearls / Ryan Storer Pearl Earring Set
2. Ryan Storer Long Drop Floating Pearl Earring
3. Ryan Storer Long Drop Floating Pearl Earring / Ryan Storer Wrap Pearl Ring

Getting in the mood for spring with a touch of fresh whites, tousled hair and some soft ethereal light. Carin and I took these photos when we were in Paris last season and wanted to highlight the accessories I wore during fashion week. Even though pearls are everywhere at the moment I couldn’t resist Ryan’s modern take on such a classic accessory. Plus, he’s a dear friend and I couldn’t be happier for him seeing his brand go from strength to strength.

Ryan and I were out to dinner with our friend Michael the other week and we all ended up discussing our business structures and what we were missing in order to evolve – lack of resources, lack of staff, lack of time, etc… all of the reasons that were obvious to one when the other would explain their working situation and all of the reasons each of us need but haven’t had the opportunity to action just yet. Even though people may find these conversations boring or frustrating (trust me, we weren’t complaining, we were brainstorming), it’s these open conversations and genuine advice that I truly appreciate. Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees when you live and breath your brand so intensely.

If only life was as simple as being a girl with a pearl, or two…

Photographer: Carin Olsson