30th September 2014
Location LOCATION: Paris

Valentino Dress / Chanel Bag / Charlotte Olympia Flats

As we flew into Paris a few days well into Paris Fashion Week it’s been refreshing to return full of energy during a month that can so easily leave you feeling exhausted and deflated as it draws to an end. As soon as we landed we jumped straight into work and I couldn’t be happier to have Luke, Carin and myself in the one city at the same time – a rarity that slows down our productivity but a circle of people I completely trust with my brand even though we’re parted by seas.

I’m getting back into the routine of posting more content so make sure you keep an eye out in the coming weeks. I always feel so inspired when I’m in Paris and it couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. When you start working on larger scale projects it can distract you from the smaller but also the most important parts of your business, so I’m focusing once more on keeping you all updated on exactly what I’m working on and still trying to find more of a balanced business structure that allows enough time to share content without jeopardising my high quality standard. More is more in most cases… I guess we’ll soon find out!

Photographer: Carin Olsson