12th June 2014
Location LOCATION: Broome

Marysia Scallop Bikini Top and Scallop Bikini Bottoms / Zara Skirt (similar here and here) / Akubra Hat

As you all know, Luke and I were in Western Australia for a special editorial shoot (can’t wait to show you all this one!). We then spent the following days working with WA Tourism to highlight the beauty of North Western Australia, a partnership we warmly welcomed. Luke and I have worked with various tourist boards both internationally (Hong Kong, Dubai and New Zealand) and in Australia (Western Australia, Queensland and Hamilton Island), as Gary Pepper is more a lifestyle brand above anything else. I draw inspiration from so many different places but above all it’s nature and the simplicity of the beauty that surrounds us every day. The places I’ve been, the people I’ve met, the positive and negative experiences I’ve had have all shaped who I am today, which is why I love sharing all of these elements with you, so that you can see what I see and hopefully draw inspiration from that as well.

My content is going to be a little backwards as we’re moving through the editing as quickly as we can without jeopardising the quality. Here we are along the shoreline of Cable Beach in Broome in the early morning light. The waters were nearly as enticing as the numerous families set up along the beach with their deck chairs and camping stations set up from out the back of their 4WD’s. For me, It’s all about living a simple life with simple pleasures. I can’t wait to do that with my own children, but for now, I’ll just virtually take you all with me instead! Because after all, we’re family… x

 Photos by Luke Shadbolt