13th June 2014
Location LOCATION: Broome

 Blank Denim Shorts / Indah Dress (similar here and here) / Jacquie Aiche Snake Ring / LeiVanKash Feather Rings

The soft light reflecting from the white sand and glowing waters of Cable Beach in Broome was every photographers dream. A slight breeze was more appropriate than annoying for once and created the ethereal mood I’ve always loved capturing.

In my mind, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much work had accumulated at home whilst we were away. This used to be one of my flaws – focusing on what needed to be done or what to achieve rather than stopping and taking the time to appreciate what was right in front of me. Over time, with the influence of Luke who’s always living in the moment and a constant breath of fresh air, I’ve been able to train myself to store all of these stressful thoughts into a little box in my head, if only for a few minutes. This allows my mind to be filled with inspiration from what surrounds me, my heart to be filled with love for what I do and my soul to sing with the joy it brings me.

In this case, it was the colours of Broome that made me pack up my thoughts to stop and appreciate just how beautiful our beaches are and how blessed we are to have them a stone’s throw away.

Photo by Luke Shadbolt