15th March 2014
Location LOCATION: New York

Vintage Knitted Jumper / Mulberry Bag / Charlotte Olympia Boots 

In the past few days I skipped from Paris to London where I literally have had back to back meetings, as well as shooting an exciting new campaign for someone a little special. As a result, I haven’t had a chance to sort through my Paris photos, so I thought I would finish posting from New York before diving into my snapshots from Paris. I’ve been away from home for seven weeks now and the normality of having things like reliable wifi, a washing machine, a doctor, fresh produce and easy access to a post office have slowly and oddly been a few things I miss the most besides the obvious ones like Luke, Yumi, the ocean and my bed. I’m finally on my way back to Australia but this time I’ll be heading straight to Melbourne for work, so it looks like I’ll be seeing you all very soon! A little excited that chunky knit jumpers and an even chunkier knit scarves that resemble a neck brace won’t be necessary once I land…

Photos by Carin Olsson