3rd April 2012
Location LOCATION: Melbourne

Nearly two years ago now I fell in love with a beautiful blog called Papertissue. I can’t really remember how I stumbled across it but all I remember is being in absolute awe of this 16 year old photographer called Jeannine and her raw ability to capture those simple and beautiful moments.

I kind of freak out when your future just seems to fall into place, and I never would have thought that one day Jeannine and I would be shooting together at one of my favourite locations to date. We took these photos last month at Brighton Beach when I was in Melbourne for LMFF in collaboration with Topshop Melbourne. The super cute bathing huts created the perfect colourful backdrop, with the ocean and city landscape on the horizon making me wish we were there for play rather than work.

Jeannine is so adorably sweet and a pure joy to shoot with, quietly snapping away as I squinted into the sun or got angry at my misbehaving hair. I’m kind of shocked she managed to shoot anything at all as we were battling the wind and sweltering heat! Hopefully this is the first of many more to come. A Brighton daze, cool ocean breeze, pure shores scattered with only the sweetest of things…

Photos by Jeannine Tan