27th December 2011
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Every year I spend my Christmas break visiting my family in Tasmania. It’s such a nice and refreshing break from this crazy online world, being able to escape and have some time offline with the people I love. With no reception and no internet it really helps to put everything into perspective and to asses what I really want from this life.

So this post isn’t dedicated to an outfit, a designer, or a new purchase, but instead to the best present I have ever received (and one I plan on giving each year) – the gift of life. My sister-in-law added these to our presents this year and I thought it was so perfect I wanted to share it with you all. If you owe a few belated Christmas presents or have a birthday coming up this is one of the best presents you can ask for. A mere $5 can buy water purification tablets for a family, $15 can buy vitamins for young children, or $30 for something a simple as a warm blanket. It’s crazy how a few dollars can provide basic necessities that we take for granted every single day. You can purchase various gifts from World Vision HERE.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas with the people you love, and I can’t wait to finish 2011 with you in style!