10th April 2011
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Vintage Jumper/Pleated Skirt, Sportsgirl Hat, Vintage Robert Clergerie Boots, Alexander Wang Bag

Currently in love with these bright orange vintage suede boots by Robert Clergerie. I’ve been trying to find a pair of suede ankle boots but haven’t been able to justify spending the money on the ones I’ve seen in Country Road or Zimmerman. Oddly enough I’ve had these in store for nearly three months, and after no one purchasing them I decided to keep them for myself. Absolutely amazing on and made from a beautiful Italian leather, sometimes some things are just too good to pass up. Unfortunately I decided to wear them out on Friday night when it started pouring down with rain, so I am hoping the guy at the shoe repairs is actually some sort of wizard and can save what’s left of them after being drenched in water and covered in Sydney grime. Funny thing is it’s going to cost me twice as much to have them resoled and cleaned than the price I paid for them in the first place. The downfall of owning something so beautiful yet irreplaceable. Fingers crossed they come out alive!

Photos by Luke Shadbolt