12th February 2011

Gifted Zoo Uniform Panda set, Camilla and Marc Ring

I can’t really remember the last time i did an outfit post or updated my blog about something besides work. It seems my store has consumed my life lately, even more so than usual, and i’ve had very little time to do anything at all. A large part of me is extremely envious of the small group of full time bloggers, spending their days taking photos, going to shows and traveling the world finding the perfect locations, but the better half of me knows i will always be a vintage seller before anything else, and that my blog is merely something i do for fun – not full time. Still, if i had the time to shoot outfit posts half as much as others do i would be a very happy girl, and so the envy kicks in again!Anyway, In between taking photos of new stock for the store i decided to have a break and finally shoot some photos of this adorable panda set Zoo uniform sent me last November. I gave the owl set to Chloe who unfortunately i just as busy as i am so taking photos together was just impossible to plan! Although there seems to be an incredible pressure on bloggers to advertise a brand on their blog in return for any free items they receive, i still don’t feel comfortable doing so unless it is something i genuinely love or believe in. Zoo uniform helps and supports WWF with proceeds going towards charity to help endangered species and protect animal rights. This is a wonderful cause and something i would be happy to help promote, even if it means wearing very little in front of a camera.

This set is so adorable and the tee can easily transcend from night to day so easily. The panda underpants actually have a little panda tail on the bottom, which unfortunately i couldn’t show you without looking over exposed but you can check out and become a fan on Facebook of this newly launched French labelhere