20th December 2010
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Vintage Floral Dress – Available in store soon, Agent 99 Hat, Topshop heels

Oh my goodness, can you believe i haven’t blogged in over a week? You know it’s summer when time slips away from you so quickly and you’ve unintentionally double booked your weekends. Next thing you know a week has flown past and you’ve neglected your blog for a whole seven days! I think the guilt kicked in on day three…

So what have i been so busy doing? Well for the past week i’ve been trying to prep for the new lookbook for the store and as soon as it was set i motion i quickly remembered why i don’t do them very often – they’re just a nightmare to organise! After trying to work around four people to all lock in a date, gaining approved permits to shoot on location and praying for the rain to stop for just one day of sun, i’m extremely happy to announce Gary Pepper’s new summer lookbook is finally complete and will be accompanied by a new video too! It seemed all of my wishing paid off, perhaps a little too well, and we were blessed with 30degree heat which resulted in a very long, exhausting and sticky day, but as long as there was sun i won’t complain.

Here are a few outtakes of one of the outfits i wore. I absolutely love this little red and turquoise floral dress and it’s a sneak peek of one of many amazing new pieces i have coming for the store this summer. I was a little bit hesitant about being in my own look book so i just hope you all like the rest of the photos. It was shot in such a breathtaking location – The Hunter Valley Gardens, which covers an unbelievable 60 acres with 8km of walking paths, 6,000 trees and over 65,000 roses. It’s Australia’s largest garden display and it was utterly perfect for Gary Pepper Vintage. A very big thank you to HVG for granting us permission to shoot here, and to Wendy who personally escorted us around on a cute little golf buggy for the day.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and i promise i won’t go missing for another week anytime soon. I have plenty to share with you this week, that’s for sure, so i’ll be seeing you very shortly.