30th December 2010
Location LOCATION: Sydney

So what may seem like a very ordinary day to most is now one of the happiest and most important days in my dairy planner. This day last year was the day i officially quit my full time job and walked out the front door to start an exciting journey with Gary Pepper Vintage – with no idea what lay ahead, where this road would take me or how many amazing opportunities or wonderful people were out there waiting for me. When i looked back in my archives i was surprised to see i had quit my job the day before New Years Eve. Maybe it was the overly sentimental part of me making a subconscious decision to try and start the New Year fresh or maybe i just knew it was time to start something new? Either way i was just as surprised to find this entry which i posted this time last year with only a few sentences i must of managed to put together on the day:“Free. So it’s Wednesday, and i quit my job today. In exactly two weeks i’m going to be a self-employed full time op- shopper… holy shit. Words cannot describe, but these photos can.And you know what? If you were to ask me to try and describe how i feel every single day i would still write the exact same words. This is not a job, but a dream i can’t believe i’m lucky enough to live in. So instead of posting some photos from weheart.it com like i did last year i thought i would take some more personal photos which really reflect how i am feeling today
(Vintage Yellow Dress – available in store soon, Topshop Heels, YSL/Camilla And Marc Rings)

When i thought about how i wanted to celebrate a few things instantly came to mind: hearts, balloons, colours and sunshine. I really love the view from this cliff and you can’t help but feel like you’re on top of the world when you’re up here. You can see so far out to see you don’t really know where the horizon ends, which makes it the perfect place for dreamers like me to come and imagine what a new year will bring! I wanted to make these photos brighter than my usual style so i paired this gorgeous yellow vintage dress (available in store soon) with some freshly painted pastel blue nails, By Australis, and a few brightly coloured helium balloons. You’ll also spot my “one year” gift to myself in there too – my new triple barrel gold ring by Camilla and Marc which i absolutely LOVE!
When i was purchasing these cute heart shaped balloons the man behind the counter asked “Oh, are these for New Years Eve? That’s a great idea!” little did he know i was really thinking “Actually, No. I’m planning on dressing up, climbing a cliff face and jumping up and down in the wind whilst my boyfriend takes photos of me”. Sounds odd but it seems to have become one of the most normal parts of my week.

So after 12 magical and memorable months together I’d just like to say a very big and warm thank you to each and every one of you who have in one way or another supported my store, my work, and myself throughout 2010. Whether it be an email, comment, tweet, or message, i find inspiration in each of your kindly written words and feel overwhelmed by how quickly complete strangers can feel like some of your closest friends. I mean it from the bottom of my metallic foiled heart – thank you for making one of the biggest and most daunting decisions i’ve ever had to make one of the best and most rewarding experiences of my life so far. You bring colour into this life and make everything look so beautiful, exciting and new, so thank you for helping make this year just that little bit ‘extra’ ordinary and for making today something worth celebrating for. Bigger and better things are planned for 2011 so i’m literally jumping with excitement to see what this year will bring and I honestly can’t wait to spend it with all of you!!!

Here’s to a new year full of light, love, happiness and health, with no fear and absolutely no looking back. Wherever you are in the world, whatever you inspire to be, always remember to do what you love and to do it well. Leave them all behind…

Wishing you all the very best for 2011 and Gary Pepper and i will see you in the New Year! ))))