23rd November 2010

Happy ‘first day of Summer’ everyone! I can’t really believe how quickly it’s come around but i can tell you right now i am SO excited for what’s to come this season. I seem to sound like a broken record these days with all this talk of summer approaching but honestly, warm mornings and even warmer nights, Christmas shopping and present wrapping, new years eve and a celebrating a hopeful year ahead, it’s truly just an amazing time of year and possibly my most favourite too.

Today is also equally exciting because the Cornetto ‘Endless Summer’ campaign has officially gone live! Here you’ll see two of the campaign stills that will be featured outdoors on billboards/bus backs and the official 30 second tv commercial that will air in Australia this Sunday night. Cornetto has also released an extended 2 minutes version which you can watch below.

Tomorrow their new website will be online and you’ll be able to check out profiles on everyone involved, behind the scenes photos and a short video interview we all did. Please note: I am aware that this is the first time a lot of you will have heard me speak before and Chloe has informed me i don’t really sound like me at all. I was literally freaking out about being on video for the first time and i kind of lost myself in between trying to not over think of an answer, recording my interview in front of 70 extras and not stuttering or saying the word “Um” too much, which is just impossible when one is so nervous! Be sure to have a look tomorrow and follow the official Cornetto blog. Everyone that was involved with be guest blogging through out the summer, along with some guest appearances from some of Australia’s favourite bloggers too.

Months of preparation, two days of shooting and 6 weeks of editing all comes down to 30 – 120 seconds. How crazy is that? One thing’s for sure, Cornetto is an amazing brand for creating an entire campaign based around the power of social media and for giving people like myself such amazing opportunities like this. So thank you Cornetto, it was an honor and i can’t wait to spend my summer with you!