10th November 2010
Location LOCATION: Sydney

A few months ago i received a wonderful email asking if i would like to participate in an exciting new book about bloggers called “Style Diaries: World fashion from Berlin to Tokyo”. After patiently waiting for so long for it to be released it was so surreal opening this book for the first time, which is full to the brim with inspiring fashion photography, and excitedly flicking through each page to find where i was. We weren’t told what the pages were going to look like or what photos were being run so it was literally a surprise when i saw it, which is always the most fun and exciting part! I was amazed to see we were all generously given 8 pages each and I’m honored to be alongside bloggers i absolutely adore like Susie Bubble (Style Bubble), Jane Aldridge (Sea of Shoes), and Carolina Engman (Fashion Squad). This book also introduced me to so many inspiring new bloggers i hadn’t come across before and I’m still not even half way through the book yet! You can buy a copy of Style Diaries here.A very big thank you to Simone and Regina from Prestel for offering me this amazing opportunity. It’s weird to think but this book is something i’ll have forever and one day can show my children. Woah, that sounds weird… but it’s true. So thank you.I shot these photos a few weeks ago when my copy arrived safely in my letterbox and it was extremely difficult to photograph my pages clearly! I struggled to scan the pages in because the book was so thick and i didn’t want to ruin the spine but at least you get the idea anyway.

To be honest, I feel like for the past 12 months i’ve been floating around on clouds and living in some sort of dream. I’m not entirely sure what i did to deserve any of this but I never question it too much or take any of this too seriously. Because i know whatever goes up can always come down. So it’s always better to take everything as it comes, day by day. And today, i could honestly not be happier.