15th November 2010

So after this long of blogging i can only hope you all know me a little bit better by now. It seems even after this amount of time i’m still not used to any sort of media attention and will try to avoid posting about it as much as i can. But after weeks of waiting i can’t ignore them any longer, and want to show my gratitude with a few quick thank you’s. Why? Because with every feature i feel like someone is saying “Dearest Nicole, i believe in you and your work and i know you’ll do great things one day”. So this is not a post about me, but rather a post dedicated to the wonderful people who believe in my work and who are unknowingly encouraging me every single day to keep climbing, to keep writing my own story and to keep doing something i absolutely love.

1. Modcloth.com – I couldn’t believe it when Modcloth emailed to let me know i had been selected as their ‘Blogger of the moment’. After only just starting my blog i would scour the net to find as many inspirational fashion blogs as i could and nearly every single one i admired had been selected as a Modcloth blogger. So for me, this is a dream come true. A very big thank you to Turi for welcoming me into their wonderful little family and for naming such a beautiful piece after my blog. It is an honor. You can see my top 50 Modcloth picks and read my interview here.

2. MTV.com – Well this was such a surreal feeling. Not only was one of my photos chosen as a ‘top look of the week’ by MTV Style but also because i’m wearing one of my own samples! I’m overjoyed that people like MTV would even acknowledge this dress, but seeing as it’s made to purely make a serious statement i’m thrilled to see it’s obviously working! A loving and warm thank you to Emily, whom i send my appreciation to all the way from the sunny shores of Australia all the way to the US.

3. Elle.com (Sweden) – A reader was lovely enough to let me know about this feature and i wouldn’t have known about it otherwise. A very big thank you to Elsa, who published this adorable post and took Gary Pepper Vintage all the way to Sweden.

4. Corridor40.com

After reading one of the nicest and sweetest write ups i’ve ever read i was honestly lost for words. I couldn’t believe how a few short sentences could make my heart feel like it was going to burst with love and appreciation for someone i barely knew. A very big big thank you to Marylyn for featuring Gary Pepper Vintage, and for stringing together one of the most beautiful articles i’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of. I will never forget this.”From a simple idea to an international online vintage clothing store, Gary Pepper Vintage has come a long way in a short time. The brainchild of Nicole Warne, Gary Pepper Vintage is an ever-evolving establishment currently composed of beautiful, delicate and attention-grabbing vintage clothing and an ethereal blog featuring a model (Nicole) who is as captivating as the clothes she sells. The epitome of a modern-day fashion visionary.”

5. Mylookbook.com – The one thing i’m more grateful for than any sort of feature itself is the opportunity you get to meet wonderful and inspiring people who actually write those features. After months of emails back and forth i feel like Krista and i are more friends than anything else, and i’m consistently grateful for how much she supports and encourages my en devours. Yet another thank you to this wonderful lady, i cannot believe we’ve never met in person before but i know it’s not very far away now.

And last but not least i’d like to thank Laura from Nina Ricci, who was kind enough to interview me for a feature on their new facebook page which you can become a fan of here. I also just finished interviews for Sweden’s biggest magazine, Sofis Mode, and seventeen.com!

My latest blog post for Cornetto is up on their website too so be sure to head over and have a look here. They’ve started their online campaign and are giving away amazing prizes every single day which include Falls Festival tickets, Bid Day Out tickets, Jetstar travel vouchers, Ipad’s and lomography cameras to new a few, as well as 2 x $300 Gary Pepper Vintage gift vouchers! A winner is drawn every single day so be sure to sign up to enter. Today i’m giving away a $1,000 ticketek voucher which is honestly just insane. I could spend that on so many concerts this summer!

It seems I’m only just keeping up with everything these days and the past few months kind of feel like a blur. Who knows what this new year is going to bring? I can’t help but feel extremely frantic this time of year and I think it has something to do with the fact it’s just manic at the shopping centers at the moment and everyone is fighting over car parks. But I’ve booked my tickets to visit my family in Tasmania for Christmas so i think it’s going to be a well needed break away from this mayhem and into the countryside. I can’t wait.