26th November 2010

DIY Flower headband, Camilla & Marc high waist Shorts

I can’t begin to tell you what a wonderful day i had yesterday. Not only have we finally settled in to our new home after 5 days of painful and torturous moving but i also received some wonderful surprises in the post. The biggest surprise of the day was when Chloe returned with the brand new copy of CLEO Magazine fresh off the racks. I excitedly flicked to page 82 where i found a jaw dropping page full of my photos alongside an article about street style blogs! I did this interview about a month or two ago and you never know what photos they’re going to use or what quotes you’ve nervously said, so the feelings that rush over you when you see something like this for the first time is, well, it’s indescribable. I experienced so many feelings in the few minutes it took me to read the article. I was excited, nervous, happy, overwhelmed, and after a whole 24 hours it still hasn’t sunk in yet. To be honest I’m not sure if it ever will…A very big and warm thank you to Jess from CLEO for writing such a beautiful article, and to Ellie to whom none of this would of been possible – not even in my wildest dreams! I hope you believe me when i say from the bottom of my fluttering heart i would never have thought Gary Pepper Vintage would be on the pages of a magazine like CLEO.I thought i would scan in the pages for my international readers who can’t get their hands on a copy. Oh and before i forget, Chirssy Lau is featured in this wonderful issue too! I was ecstatic to see her beautiful illustrations gracing the CLEO pages and we excitedly messaged back and forth as soon as the issue came out. I always knew she was a brilliant artist, i guess now the rest of Australia will too Enjoy!

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