15th October 2010
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Gifted American Apparel pants, Minkpink Singlet, Vintage belt, Jeffrey Campbell Platforms, Alexander Wang bag

I’m so thrilled I can finally show you some photos of my new Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s! They arrived a few weeks ago and (story of my life these days) I haven’t even had a chance to take any photos of them due to being over worked and low on time. They are beyond ridiculous, and I mean that in a good way, and i’m still trying to figure out how on earth they can be so tall yet so comfortable? Hands down the easiest pair of shoes I’ve ever owned to walk in. A big thank you to American Apparel for sending over these amazing khaki riding pants! I was lucky enough to receive my fourth care package from AA last week and i’m overflowing with amazing basics that I’ve been living in ever since they arrived on my door step. More photos to come too, I hope!This is so out of character for Luke but he accidentally dropped his lens the other day so we borrowed a new one to play with from our room mate. I don’t really think it agreed with Luke’s camera and it gave all of my photos this weird black edge with a fish eye kind of angle? I kind of like it for something different and it adds to the edginess of these amazing shoes. Right now i’m blogging from a hotel in Sydney where I’ll be staying for the next three nights on an all expenses paid shoot. I’m sworn to secrecy until the release date but in a few short weeks I’ll be able to give you all a better idea of how amazing this opportunity is going to be for me and my store! In the first day I’ve met so many amazing people and I just can’t wait to jump head first into it at 6am tomorrow which means off to bed for me!