18th January 2010
New Stock

For what I did today I can’t believe how much I enjoyed it. I woke up earlier than usual, quickly went to the shops to get more supplies like tissue paper & ribbon, started over locking, hemming, sending out over 45 items and constantly replying to emails. My wonderful friend amelia came over and we […]

17th January 2010
First Outfit Post
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Top & Skirt: Thrifted, Socks: Target, Boots: Vintage, Necklace: Vintage, Rings: YSL/Vintage I’d nearly forgotten to tell you all that my new SLR arrived safe and sound at the start of the week thanks to my darling boyfriend and his brother who hooked me up with a pretty sweet deal in the city. I’ve had […]

12th January 2010

From top left clockwise: Vintage black/gold beaded headband, vintage white/gold beaded headband, vintage black satin pleated bag, vintage black/silver pearl brooch, vintage gold chain, vintage wooden jesus beads, vintage gold square plated belt, vintage large cream/coral elizabeth brooch, vintage white/gold satin beaded scrunchie, vintage rose pink circle glasses, vintage large gold 5 bead necklace, vintage […]

9th January 2010

Good morning. Ah, sadly my week of bliss is coming to an end. I will be attempting to start my weekly routine as of tomorrow and I am really not looking forward to hitting the gym and grocery shopping again. But the past week has been wonderful, I had some quality time to myself and […]

6th January 2010

Ring: YSL. Chocolate: Cadbury creme egg I love January for a handful of reasons. I love January because it’s the time of year where summer is kind and will give you a beautiful day in the sun and then a cosy thunderstorm in the afternoon. I love january because everything seems brighter and the people […]