15th September 2010
Location LOCATION: Sydney

White Backless Top: Vintage – Tuchuzy collection, skirt: DIY, Wedges: Alexander Wang

I’m not sure if you can tell by now but i honestly love nothing more than spending an afternoon with Luke in an open field watching the sunset. If i could have it my way i would spend all day long shooting in beautiful whimsical fields, smelling pretty flowers and putting them in my hair for no apparent reason, twirling around in circles and feeling the wind billowing around my skirt, and capturing those very few photos that will remind you of when you were young and in love and having the time of your life. Not very realistic and it doesn’t pay the bills, but it’s nice to do once so often.

I realised i didn’t really explain this outfit in my part I post and have had quite a few emails regarding this DIY skirt. Truth is, and please don’t laugh, but this is not actually a skirt? I bought this material intending to make a sheer maxi skirt but when we had such an unexpected afternoon like this i grabbed whatever i could and ran out the door. What you see here is a piece of material that i wrapped around myself, draped the ends at the belly button, and held together with just one safety pin. Simple, really. What i plan to do with this material you will see in the next few weeks and i can promise you it will look nothing like what you saw in these photos – when i have time to actually make something!

As for the top, it’s hard to part with. It’s a backless white singlet with a metallic rose pattern that i’m saving for the Tuchuzy collaboration that will be available in their boutique in Bondi in just a few short months. Yes, that’s right. It’s drawing nearer and i just can’t believe how quickly it’s gone already! Luckily i’ve been keeping a few amazing pieces exclusively for Tuchuzy and i just can’t wait to show you what i’ve found. Work, work, work. Play, play, play.