15th August 2010
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Polka dot dress: Vintage CUE & in store now, Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell

I could never have imagined a week so exhausting and long. My stress levels seem to be through the roof with the tasks of sourcing my new collection, trying to have everything organized and ready to be listed before i leave for Splendour next week (worst possible timing, i know) as well as trying to find myself a PA. To be honest, i haven’t felt this way since i decided to quit my full time job and pursue my love for vintage, regardless if it meant being broke and unemployed. I can only describe it as that leap of faith you know you have to take in order to get where you want to go, but it’s completely terrifying at the same time. I feel happy, nervous, excited, and a little bit sick with a constant stream of butterflies flying around my stomach right now.I know finding someone will help me immensely but it’s getting there which is the hard part. It’s going to be such a learning curve for me but i honestly can’t wait to see where it will take my store in the coming months.

In all the ciaos this week, i decided to get out of the house and take some quick photos of this amazing black and white polka dot dress which is available in the store now. It’s up there as one of my all time favourite finds. Why? I’m not really sure. It’s simple, chic, cute and playful, and it’s also a beautiful fit and one of the most flattering i’ve come across – i absolutely love it! I even contemplated keeping it for myself and as soon as i had listed it a huge pang of regret hit me, i knew at that very moment i should have kept it. But it doesn’t matter, it will be going to a loving new home sometime next week and can flatter somebody else’s body, sigh.

This is just one of the 150 new items available in store now and you can view the entire collection here. My auctions are closing in just three days so be sure to have a look to see if there’s anything you like, i also have an amazing YSL dress in there too

Well I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Here are a few of my favourites this week:
1. Vintage CUE Black/White Polkadot Dress with Belt //
2. Vintage YSL Black/White Checkered Dress with Collar
3. Vintage Musk Pink Pinstripe Dress with Belt //
4. Vintage Coral/Blue Floral Off the Shoulder Boho Dress
5. Vintage Navy/Gold Floral Lace Long Sleeve Dress //
6. Vintage White Lace Long Sleeve Evening Dress
7. Vintage Black Shift Dress with Criss Cross Plunging Back //
8. Vintage Black Shift Dress with Cut Out Keyhole Back
9. Vintage Blue Sailor Top with White Collar //
10.Vintage Pastel Pink/Blue Stripe Cotton Dress
11.Vintage Pastel Purple Boho Dress with Lace Panels //
12.Vintage White/Purple Spotted Button Dress with Belt
13.Vintage Black LBD Dress with Rose Neckline //
14.Vintage Pastel Pink/Red Floral Dress with Split Sleeves
15.Vintage Cream Knitted Long Cardigan //
16.Vintage Multicoloured Fluffy Cardigan
17.Vintage Red/Gold Military Striped Cardigan //
18.Vintage Black Sheer Grunge Jacket with Draped Lapels
19.Vintage Brown/Cream Cheetah Print Jumper //
20.Vintage Pastel Pink Super Fluffy Jumper
21.Vintage Peach/Cream Striped Knitted Jumper //
22.Vintage Peach Jumper with Floral Neckline
23.Vintage Cream Faux Fur Jacket //
24.Vintage Black Faux Fur Jacket
25.Vintage Nautical Inspired Jacket with White Trim //
26.Vintage Yellow Blazer with Black Trim
27.Vintage White Metallic Gold Button Top //
28.Vintage Blue/White Striped Sailor Top
29.Vintage Pastel Pink/Purple Floral Sheer Shirt //
30.Vintage Pink Button Dress with Cut Out back
31.Vintage Cream Boho Top With Pom Poms //
32.Vintage Black/White Spotted Draped Top
33.Vintage Red Checkered High Waist Shorts //
34.Vintage Navy/white Striped Shorts
35.Vintage Navy/White Polka dot Cotton Skirt //
36.Vintage Red/Grey Floral Pleated Skirt