13th August 2010
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Black pleated dress: vintage, Brown boots: vintage, Bag: Alexander Wang, Ring: YSL

I think it’s safe to say that we all adore IKEA. I’ve been a few times before but this would actually be the first time that I desperately needed, not wanted, things for an empty space. Knowing myself all too well and learning from previous trips, I printed off a strict shopping list from their online store that helped me to avoid buying unnecessary things I didn’t need like cheese graters and cool spice racks. You know, what happens on the typical ‘Ikea experience’. Still, I somehow managed to walk out with a few random things (I’m not entirely sure how they got in my basket) but I did get everything I needed. The photo above is just one of three trolleys!

Luckily I was on a deadline and Chloe and I made it out alive. Crossing town we spent the rest of the afternoon at The Rocks where I met with two lovely ladies for a meeting leaving Chloe with an hour to kill by herself. The weather was so beautiful yesterday that I think she spent most of it sunbaking near the Opera House and eating Thai? Even I couldn’t help myself afterward with the extremely warm weather so we relaxed for a little bit with some pretty lemon meringues before driving back home. PS. How cute is what she’s wearing? We were laughing at our weak girly attempts at carrying Ikea boxes into the car and even more so when we realised she was inappropriately wearing a tutu!? Girls will be girls, I suppose
I picked up this vintage dress on my short stay in Melbourne and absolutely adore it. It’s a full length sheer pleated dress that looks like it’s from the 1920′s and it’s one of the most comfortable dresses I own. Funnily enough it was just perfect for an important meeting and even though it’s black, I felt like myself in it with some lace up boots and colourful accessories. My floor length phase seems to be sticking, i can’t get enough of them!