19th July 2010
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Pink Slip: Vintage, Navy Silk Skirt: Vintage, Boots: Vintage, Rings: Courtesy of Lushae jewelery, Flower headpiece: DIY

Lately i’ve been obsessed with floor length skirts and ankle length dresses and seem to never want to cut them shorter for the store anymore. Why? I’m not entirely sure… Luke seems to think it’s because i’m ‘bored of the same things’ and maybe that i simply want something that not everyone has, and i think he’s right. I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect floor length skirt and I happened to find this navy silk one on my opshopping trip a few days ago. It’s insanely comfortable and i’m already envisioning a hundred different ways i can wear it this season. It’s perfectttt. Although, i’m not really used to wearing long things and i’m still trying to master not running up my stairs and falling over myself in it! I’ll work on that later. It’s funny that you can tell by these photos how different things inspire me. Today, i was inspired by these cute little white flowers i saw when i was walking past my local florist and ended up with a bohemian love child, free spirited kind of look. Even though i’m still a little disturbed by how unnatural it feels to mix super glue with real flowers i really loved how my head piece turned out and could picture my bridesmaids wearing something similar at my wedding. I didn’t really anticipate the wind to be as forceful as it was but it really made my skirt look as magical as it makes me feel so i was happy to be freezing cold standing on the side of a cliff for once.

For the past two days i’ve been on a huge opshopping trip down south and only returned yesterday. I found some amazing new pieces for the store and also for the collaboration with Tuchuzy. Feeling exhausted and sleep deprived, I came home to the usual amount of work and emails to catch up on but surprisingly to this amazing gift sent courtesy of Lushae jewellry. It’s a beautiful 14ct gold double band heart shaped ring which is very appropriate seeing as i’ve ‘hearted’ this ring ever since laying eyes upon it The photos made it look like a yellow gold but i can assure you, it’s a beautiful light gold and even prettier in real life! A big thank you to Sarah from Lushae for sending me such a beautiful gift. If you guys are after one they’re having a sale and are only $67 which you can find here.

So happy long weekend, everyone! My new stock is comingggg.