16th July 2010
Location LOCATION: Sydney

White tuxedo Jacket: Vintage, Peach Top: Vintage, Skirt: Vintage, Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell courtesy of Solestruck.com, Bag: Vintage

These are the photos that were taken for Solestruck by Luke. I absolutely love them and i can’t believe how long these JC wedges make my legs look! Don’t worry, it’s all an illusion, i promise. Believe it or not but Luke hardly edited these photos besides adding a beautiful soft peach glow, the rest was just natural and very whimsical lighting we simply lucked in to capturing that day. There really hasn’t been beautiful lighting like that since and these photos only make me more excited for Spring.

In other news, my new collection which consists of a massive 150 vintage pieces is ready to go and will be in store this Sunday night! You can catch a sneak peek of it on my facebook pagehereand from what i’ve heard, everyone seems to be very happy with it

I had announced they would actually be in store tonight (being Friday) but it seems fate stepped in again and led me astray. Yesterday i received a very unexpected email from a friend i had met once, and very briefly, last year about these amazing vintage auctions happening today. I have heard estate sales/auctions in the US are absolutely amazing but unfortunately we don’t have many things like that here in Australia, so you can imagine how quickly i jumped at this opportunity, i honestly felt like it was a sign! Apparently a vintage store in Sydney was closing down and they needed to move all of their stock. One thing led to to the next and before i knew it i was bidding on nearly half of the stock available? I can never say i’ve been to a vintage auction before but i was extremely happy i somehow managed to win the pieces i wanted the most (which oddly enough was only about 8 pieces?). I can’t wait to show you what i found and i think i’m going to do an outfit post dedicated completely to them. That is if i can find the time… I’m stretched pretty thin at the moment and with my new collection about to hit the store, it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better!

Well anyway, I hope you all have an amazing weekend and make the most of this amazing sun! I honestly forget we are in the middle of Winter here?