28th June 2010
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Black Sheer Top: Ellery, Velvet shorts: Vintage, Feather headband: DIY

I was feeling extremely inspired this afternoon by a few small things: Ellery, coffee & chains. Can you believe it’s taken me this many years to finally discover the benefits of coffee? Luke has been an addict for years now and has been trying to convince me to try it but I never really saw the point. I didn’t overly enjoy the taste, it made me feel dehydrated and I felt like my body was doing just fine without it, until today. With the thought of the monstrous amount of stock i had to shoot constantly in the back of my mind I finally gave in and to be honest, I don’t even know what to say. I think this is the beginning of a very dangerous love affair consisting of even later nights, earlier mornings and twice as much work or should I say, work progress? Not only did I manage to shoot over 150 new pieces for the store but I some how managed to squeeze in some time to shoot a few photos in my new Ellery top. For me, that is just unheard of! Inspired by the darker weather and colder nights I was feeling a little wild at heart and finally wore this feather head piece I made for my first lookbook for gary pepper vintage that I shot back in March. I’m still so surprised that I like this outfit so much. I’ve always been one for bright colours and vibrant prints so the thought of wearing all black makes me feel miserable and I try to avoid it as much as I can. My mum still says the reason I have such vivid dreams is because I painted my entire room bright canary yellow when I was 13. To be honest, I’m just surprised she let me in the first place! A sneak peek of my new collection is now available on my Gary Pepper Facebook page. Over 150 new vintage pieces will be listed in store this Friday night so be sure to have a look. I’ll also be drawing the winner to my camilla & marc + tiffany & co giveaway so I hope you’ve all entered! A big thank you to Yenny of Studded Hearts for featuring my ‘straw’ post on your beautiful blog too I really hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are feeling fresh and free and a little wild at heart! With the caffeine running high and a big week ahead I know I sure am.