24th June 2010

Checkered Jacket: In store soon, White shirt: Vintage, Grey Jumper: Vintage, Shorts: Camilla & Marc, Red Clutch: Vintage

Oh hey, hey there. I haven’t seen you in a while – how have you been? I really have no idea how the days slipped by me so quickly but this is by far the longest i have ever gone without posting on my beloved blog. I seem to be taking a very carefree approach to the immense pressure on my store at the moment and am struggling to prioritize the large amount of work and projects I seem to be juggling at the same time. I think the words that come to mind are pottering or perhaps procrastinating? So what have I been doing this past week? I’ve been busy sourcing my new collection (which should be up by the end of the week), shooting photos, sending out hundreds of parcels, inspecting potential studio’s, meeting up with my accountant to start planning for the new financial year, planning photoshoots for frockshop.com and Solestruck which are set for this weekend and also spending a few hours on penning a few more of my designs – which I haven’t been doing for months! And with a whole weekend of photo shoots planned and a crazy week ahead of me, I’m feeling more inspired than ever and ready to jump head first back into my work.

So this afternoon in between replying to emails and trying to find some sort of food in my house (i settled for a banana and two pieces of toast?), I squeezed in some time to shoot a few photos of my new favourite purchases – this red straw clutch and purple checkered jacket. Both incredibly colourful and my cup of tea. The brighter the better, I say! I also wanted to share with you all the incredible places Gary Pepper has been spotted this past week too!

1. Glossy Magazine – UK. Glossy was kind enough to not only feature my photos but to run it across a four page spread in their latest issue! Their new issue is now available online and their editorials are absolutely stunning – defiantly a must read if you’re looking for some inspiration. A big thank you to Tallulah in London for featuring my store.

2. Covet Magazine – AUS. I was so overwhelmed when i saw how large the article was, not to mention how cute the title is! A very big thank you to Elena for writing such a beautiful and well written article on Gary Pepper.. please

3. NYLON. I really couldn’t believe it when i saw that one of my photos has made it into their top 8 street style picks on their website! I absolutely adore Nylon so even the thought of having someone there looking at my photos is rewarding enough.

4. YEN. This was a feature i just happened to stumble across on their blog and i couldn’t believe how lovely the write up was! They went as far as to say my store was a ‘force to be reckoned with’ and like i said with Nylon, the thought of people at either magazines even acknowledging that my store exists is just insane to me.

5. 2threads.com. One of the most nicest and heart warming write ups i’ve had the privilege of reading. A very big thank you to Neonblonde for her extremely kind words – you have me beaming from ear to ear!

And last but not least, the new issue of Peppermint magazine is due to release next week so i can’t wait to get my hands a copy and see what they’ve written! I also received news one of my photos will be run in the next Dujour magazine from the US – a magazine that is as cute as Frankie and Lula.

And the cherry on the top? I received a very random email yesterday from Shop Til You Drop magazine asking if I wanted to come down to Sydney to do a quick shoot for their real girls section that they run every month! The shoot is tomorrow morning and I even got the green light to bring my camera along to take a few behind the scenes shots for my blog – talk about accommodating! Well wish me luck everyone. I sure have missed you.