21st June 2010

via studded hearts

“With the thought of friends traveling, people moving and new opportunities in the back of my mind, i really feel (and somewhat already know) that next year is going to be a year of change. With my store expanding and my plans changing every day, i can honestly tell you that i don’t know where i will be this time next year or where my store will take me – and i’m not the only one. We can either fight change, resent it and wonder how it consumes and pushes apart some our longest friendships, or we can accept it, learn from it and embrace whatever may come our way with warm open arms. And you know what? Even though i know how quickly the end of the year is approaching i can only anticipate what this ‘last summer’ will bring for me and my friends and what little time we have left together.

I suppose there is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.”

Just a little post to give you an insight into my gary pepper vintage tumblr. Last Friday i decided to dedicate more time (and an entire night to perfecting my HTML template) and updated my tumblr and have done so every day since. This blog is such a large part of my life but when i’m run off my feet with the store it seems impossible to shoot new outfit posts and update it daily. This is why my tumblr has become so appealing in the last few days and at this rate it will soon be filled with inspiring photos, cute quotes, little notes, passing thoughts and DIY projects – just another way to see who i am and what i like but on a more daily and creative basis You can follow me here and please do let me know if you have, or know of, any amazing tumblrs that you could recommend.

So happy Monday, everyone! I have my new giveaway arriving any day now so fingers crossed i can announce it sometime tomorrow!