6th May 2010
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Jumper: thrifted country road, shorts: vintage, wedges: Jeffery Campbell, socks: topshop, rings: assorted vintage, YSL and bleach black

So you know it’s bad when you go to the post office and receive parcels that you’ve forgotten you ordered online or because you’ve ordered so many things you don’t know what’s coming on what days. First example: two pairs of Jeffery Campbell wedges i ordered back in January. Second example: my tangled branch gold ring by Bleach Black. Third example: a ridiculous amount of topshop stockings and knee highs. I’ll admit it, i’m usually a very impulsive buyer so when i see something i like i usually stop myself, breath and really think about it for a few days. As for these beauties, i was frantically clicking as soon as i saw them online with no thinking required, i just had to have them as soon as i could and i’m absolutely smitten with my impulsive buying for once!These JC wedges are honestly the most comfortable heels i own so i was immediately inspired and thought i’d give you a little insight into my day to day world with what i usually wear when i’m working and my perfect comfy outfit. I really wanted to make this outfit post as real as i could. I think sometimes you see girls blogs with unrealistic outfit posts wearing fur coats, leather pants, a face full of make up and killer wedges shopping for milk and you really wonder whether if that’s something they wear grocery shopping or if it’s a complete show to come across as something they’re not? For me, I just adore an oversized soft fluffy jumper with some high waist shorts, which are usually equipped with some cute socks or stockings, gold jewelry, hardly any make up, messy hair and some ankle boots/brogues when i have to leave the house. Simple, yes. Fashionable? Probably not. But Comfortable? Defiantly. I couldn’t think of anything else i’d prefer to wear, add these new studded wedges and my faourite red lipstick and i’d wear this outfit out at night!I found this navy jumper by Country Road in an opshop in Tasmania. I really struggle to spend my money on basics, even when i go opshopping, so i’m not surprised i’ve been living in this ever since i got back. I was running errands yesterday (the post office is just behind this carpark) so i threw on my new wedges and took some photos quickly with Luke. It’s starting to get extremely cold around here, the fashion is changing seasons, my skin is turning paler and i couldn’t be happier. Cue more fluffy jumpers and panda head beanies, please!