10th March 2010

So I think it’s safe to say for the sake of my mental well being, I don’t think I will ever be listing 200 items in store again, or at least anytime soon. After nearly losing my mind trying to send out 150 parcels in just two days and wrapping garment after garment for 13 hours straight, I had a few unfortunate events happen in the space of three days that seemed to leave me short on time and neglecting the things that I love, like my blog. I may or may not have realized after painfully waiting at the post office for half an hour that I’d left my wallet at home, had my sewing needles snap off twice- once flying straight into my eye (note: I give you permission to laugh here, it really never happens!) and lost about 3 hours of work in photoshop just yesterday after spending the entire morning editing photos. But I know life goes on and on the scale of things, these are so small that I will be laughing by the end of the day

But I have been itching to get out of the house and go opshopping all week. It’s a bad case of ‘cabin fever’ or perhaps, ‘vintage fever’, and I can’t wait to have my new listings in store tomorrow night so I can finally get back to doing some things that I love, like:

1. Going opshopping by myself and exploring new vintage.

2. Being inspired by the walls of colors in material stores.

3. Making some new DIY projects and no doubt super gluing my fingers together.

4. Putting things in places where they don’t belong and seeing if anyone will notice.

5. Eating a very big amount of peanut butter chocolate and not feeling guilty afterward.

6. Wearing cheezels as rings on each of my fingers.

7. Spending some time with luke since he got back from Hawaii.

8. Going somewhere beautiful for the afternoon and falling asleep.

9. And lastly, updating gary pepper pieces with some new stock it so desperately needs like this cute as a button rose pleated belt. (Yes, I honestly love my work so much that i suppose i’m working even on my days off?)

I’ve also just announced our new giveaways for 2010! Simply suggest our facebook page to your friends list and go into the running to WIN a 1 year subscription to one of my favorite magazines: frankie, RUSSH or nylon, you choose! I will be drawing the winner in just one month and is open to all national & international readers! You can click here to become a fan and don’t forget, the more friends of yours that join, the more entries you get! GPV has over 5, 300 fans so far and I truly appreciate all the beautiful comments you all leave for me every single day.

So thank you, you honestly make weeks like this feel a hundred times better.