20th March 2010
Location LOCATION: Melbourne

I’m here! Finally arrived in Melbourne this morning and can’t wait to explore what this place has to offer, i’ve only heard amazing things! The trip has already started off pretty funny. I sadly discovered this morning that the 15 year old at macdonalds had forgotten to give me maple syrup with my hotcakes (how […]

16th March 2010

Morning everyone! I don’t usually blog this early in the morning but I just couldn’t wait. I am so excited to show you all the little mention Gary Pepper Vintage got in the new Frankie newsletter that was sent out to over 20,000 subscribers today! Seeing as I’ve been reading Frankie for so many years […]

10th March 2010

So I think it’s safe to say for the sake of my mental well being, I don’t think I will ever be listing 200 items in store again, or at least anytime soon. After nearly losing my mind trying to send out 150 parcels in just two days and wrapping garment after garment for 13 […]

7th March 2010
Location LOCATION: Sydney

I had a wonderful break from taking photos of new stock for the store the other day and quickly ducked out of the house to shoot this short animation with my friend, genevieve, for one of her uni assignments. It was so much fun and it’s basically just me walking through the woods randomly dancing […]