28th March 2010
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Pink blazer + pants + tee: vintage, shoes: orbit, necklace: vintage, bag: vintage Annapelle

I’m so happy i finally found a pair of white oxford flats! Even after turning Tokyo upside down last year i still couldn’t find any so who would of thought i’d come across a pair in Melbourne? They seem to go so well with every outfit i ever said ‘oh, i just don’t know what shoes to wear with this!?” and have me feeling all sorts of inspired, especially when i found my high waist black pants that i thought i’d lost months ago but it just so happened to be that i’d accidentally folded them as luke’s and put them away in his draws… as you do. Anyway, i threw together this outfit when we went out on the weekend. A few of us decided to go out for Yum Cha where i defiantly ate way too many dumplings and deep fried goods that i had to unbutton the top of my pants just to breathe, which is always a good thing. This is also my new gold necklace that i found on my latest op shopping trip. It’s so adorable with the face of a seal pup that i don’t think i could ever bare to part with it, plus it’s a personal joke between luke and i so you can imagine how cute he thought it was when i showed him. I feel like i should give it a name but i can’t think of anything right now.

I do hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I’m drawing the winner to my march giveaway in just 6 days so please don’t forget to enter! You can win a 1 year subscription to either frankie, RUSSH or nylon by simply suggesting our gpv facebook page to your friends list- so easy!

Oh, and genevieve and i also found this hilarious rack of dinosaur money boxes before lunch. Apparently, i’m daring and determined with the most ferocious fangs in town, who knew?