31st March 2010

After being stuck in a no jewelry drought for nearly a month I finally stumbled across some super cute vintage pieces that I have updated onto ‘gary pepper pieces‘. Can you believe I found all this amazing jewelry plus my seal necklace (which I decided to call ‘dumpling’ thanks to the adorable emma of Spin Dizzy Fall) in just one op shop? I don’t think a lot of people realize how hard it is to find beautiful vintage accessories so you can imagine how amazed I was to find so many all at once! I’ll also be uploading some adorable vintage bags onto GPP sometime tomorrow including a vintage Oroton backpack!

My lazy weekend has kind of extended into a lazy week so far. Usually, i’m frantically trying to prep and photograph over 100 new items as well as altering, sewing and sending out parcels for the store. But i’ve realized the only person pushing me is me and I have some pretty crazy deadlines with myself so for the past two days I have been focusing on perfecting the ‘little things’ that I have been meaning to finish for months.

If you guys haven’t noticed, I finally put together a new layout for my Ebay descriptions thanks to the help of my wonderful boyfriend who takes the time out of running his own graphic design business to help me out with mine. At the moment there’s some minor imperfections when you view it in Firefox so we’re trying to smooth those out but other than that it looks beautifully simple and clean- the epitome of how I like my layouts & branding and nearly everything, actually.

I also finalized some of Chrissy’s artwork today and sent them off to the printers so you will all be able to see my new swing tags and business cards in just 2- 3 weeks! I also hired my very first staff member, Jacquline, who will be taking care of all my alterations and sewing from now on so I can spend more time focusing on my own designs- how exciting! I’m in desperate need of more time as I feel my brain has been overflowing for the past two weeks with not only ideas for new products but also for new giveaways, promotions and photo shoots! I also have a very BIG exciting new competition that I will be launching on Sunday which I cannot wait to announce so I suppose in a way, I am quite thrilled to have finally had a productively lazy week!

The fashion editor of french FLAVOR kindly sent me this this morning. It’s the spread I was featured in this month and I was so excited to see myself alongside fellow bloggers Sushi from Le Blog de Sushiand Zanita from Zanita– both incredible girls with an eye for beautiful things.

{VISIT FLAVOR HERE: http://www.flavor-magazine.com/}