16th March 2010

Morning everyone! I don’t usually blog this early in the morning but I just couldn’t wait. I am so excited to show you all the little mention Gary Pepper Vintage got in the new Frankie newsletter that was sent out to over 20,000 subscribers today! Seeing as I’ve been reading Frankie for so many years and absolutely adore their magazine, I can’t believe they have taken notice of my tiny little store after only being open for 5 months, especially considering how many submissions they get every day! Next step? World domination! I mean, getting GPV into the magazine itself. They also may or may not have made a typo in my spiel so see if you can spot it and have a read here

Did you find it? It kind of sounds like I stock ‘garage sales’? I couldn’t stop giggling when I read it but honestly, if that’s what Frankie says then I suppose I do!? It could be a pretty good niche in the market? In saying that, here is a preview of my few of my favorite things this week

1. Vintage blue floral garden dress.

2. Vintage 1920′s black tassel dress.

3. Vintage white velvet cut out shift dress.

4. Vintage blue tye dye mini dress.

6. Vintage green pleated button dress.

7. Vintage nautical sheer pinstripe collared shirt.

8. Vintage pink taffata dress with bow.

9. Vintage CUE yellow high waist shorts.

10. Vintage LEE pale blue cut off shorts.

And just quickly, I’d like to thank the lovely ladies over at ModeRepublic.com. They informed me last night that I had won their fashionista contest and not only received $200 US but the spot on their brand new cover! I’m absolutely thrilled, what a wonderful way to start the week! Although, I’ll be having a phone interview with them this afternoon and I am that nervous. I’ll post it on here for you all when it’s up.

If you guys aren’t a member I would highly recommend joining. It’s a ‘International street fashion flipbook for the fashion forward’ and they have just launched their new online contest that you can view here. $100, $50 and $30 US are up for grabs for first, second and third prize and seeing as I’m the kind of girl who never wins anything, it only means that you can to!