26th March 2010

Dress: vintage. Bow: DIY. Shoes: from tokyo. Bag: courtesy of Claire Inc.

I was so happy to finally get some free time to play outside and shoot some photos of two of my newly acquired favorite things: my owl ring luke found in an opshop in LA and surprised me with, and this simple black tote the lovely belinda from Claire Inc so kindly sent to me the other week, aren’t they both adorable?

After waking up yesterday morning to a warm plate of warm buttermilk scones with strawberry jam and thickly whipped cream, compliments of my dear friend Katie, i knew i was in for a glorious day! We decided that it was simply just too nice of a day to waste sitting inside working so we quickly ran down the road and had ourselves one of the laziest picnics i’ve had in ages. I spent the best part of the day relaxing under a tree with Luke and two of my closest friends eating cadbury bubbly mint chocolate, listening to music, taking photos on a purple lomo, reading books upside down and randomly deciding to do cartwheels around the grass (cue hilarious photos of us somewhat resembling upside down monkeys with our underpants showing!). We also found this amazing white tree with these little wooden steps leading all the way up the trunk. Even though i was dressed inappropriately to be climbing trees, how could i say no? I don’t think i’ll ever kick how much i enjoy climbing trees no matter how old i am or what i seem to be wearing. I did, however, forget that it’s easy to get up but impossible to get down!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I have so many amazing things to share with you this week so expect a beautifully updated blog! I’m currently working on a massive ‘Winter Wonderland’ store update that you can see a sneak peak of on the GPV facebook page later this week. Expect embellished cardigans, softly knitted jackets, oversized floral jumpers and beautiful fur coats to welcome the colder weather here in Australia. I’m frantically prepping in advance and working over time this week as i fly out to Melbourne this Friday, how quickly did that come around!

Oh, and gary pepper vintage was spotted in the March/April issue of french magazine ‘FLAVOR’! I’ve been in contact with the editor and they said they don’t offer back issues just of yet so if any of you are reading this from France please let me know. I am currently trying to get my hands on a copy and would absolutely love if someone could help me find one!